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This site is designed, developed and hosted by Niek de Greef, essentially as a proof of concept for a, forthcoming, series of online, curated publications. More information, links to portfolio & work in progress can be found here: niekdegreef.com.

Contact Niek for more information about this platform and other online publications: niek @ beyerdegreef.com.

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This site is designed and tested using the latest versions of Chrome, Safari & Firefox. Previous versions may not fully support some of the features used in this publication. Feel free to let us know if you are encountering any issues: access @ mirrorintheground.com.


Centre for Curating the Archive, Series in Visual History

The print version of the Mirror in the Ground, a project by the Centre for Curating the Archive,  is currently in production, contact the Centre for more information: hum-cca @ uct.ac.za.